Photo by Melissa Cowan; HMU by Chloe Rose

Photo by Melissa Cowan; HMU by Chloe Rose



Hi! I'm Ellie, a young but dream-big creative based in Melbourne.

I try to test boundaries and explore emotive and thought-provoking concepts in my work, all within niche stylistic frameworks that make an impact. I want to create work that you can experience and instantly recognise as a manifestation of Illicit Empress.

I’ve left no stone unturned, and have accrued experience in a number of creative roles. This includes photographic and runway model, creative director, managing editor, art space curator, talent manager, published writer and published photographer. Highlights include performing my original prose and poetry works live at Pop Up Poetry events, participating as a core cast member of Alicia Frankovich’s ‘Defending Plural Experiences’ commissioned by ACCA in 2014, and my work in nightclub events - particularly as a Director of HELL Melbourne.

Illicit Empress has been launched as both a platform and channel for my passion for creative work achieved through collaboration, introspection, and aesthetic versus semantic obsession. Whether I am exploring art, music, fashion, politics, events, culture, social influence, the digital zeitgeist, mental health or what it means to be a modern millennial, I hope that I can share with you my ideas and feelings and create a space where you feel you might be able to relate.

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Love, light and all that crap,

x Ellie