No artist is ever completely happy with their work, and every artist has moments where they believe they're out of their depth. This is what makes us creatives; this is the definitive characteristic that drives us as artists to continue creating work. And that continual creation of our work - that is the process of improvement.

Don’t value your work in the wrong way - as soon as you attempt to parallel it with the work of your peers, as soon as you perceive the artwork in terms of what it can do for others rather than what it does for you, the meaning behind your creative work will usually begin to fade. Don't lose your way as an artist - I could sit and tell you about all the people out there who probably love your artwork, but I could very well be wrong. The point is, that’s not the point - your own resilience and commitment to your work is what will make you shine.

Image sources: spied, soierose, internetmotel