Blue mascara, lace, sequins and penis. Giant inflatable blue metallic monkey. The latest Jeff Koons exhibition at Newport Street Gallery was definitely worth the confusing trip on public transport from our home base in Shoreditch (not actually that confusing, we're just foreigners).

Koons' series of inflatables was breathtaking, with bold colours, shapes and textures recalling themes of artifice that seemed to burst forward in real time. Gleaming surfaces abound, Koons' deceptive use of aluminium is an astounding practice spanned over up to 20 years on some pieces, including the vibrant Play-Doh (1994 - 2014). The grand scale of many of his pieces renders audiences helplessly stunned, and you simply can't help but leave the short yet sweet exhibition bubbling with pleasure at having just witnessed such a grandiose, visually exciting show.

The Jeff Koons: Now exhibition is showing at Newport Street Gallery, London until October 16th 2016.