I absolutely loved the team for this shoot - every single person involved brought their own unique flavour of alternative style and taste to the final product. The result is a collection of strong images that instantly elicit a sense of nostalgia for rough-and-tumble youth rebellion.

It was so fun to pose with the incredible Atong Atem, get my hair done at Rokk Ebony thanks to Elena and Adam, sit in the makeup chair for the ever wonderful Helena Regina, be shot by the extremely talented Olivia Mroz, and of course, have the great pleasure to wear garments so stunningly created by Lucy of Make Me Loco.

The name of the project, Second Skin, describes the intricate processes involved in "tattooing" and "piercing" denim as if it were it's own dermis. The attitude and edge sewn into the very garments gives them the unmistakable flair of character that demarcates Lucy's work from others'. 

This is exactly the kind of shoot I've been aching to do for a while, thanks to everyone for having me along!