Photos by Matt (Ruderman)

Photos by Lucas (@iamwolve)

Shooting with Matt and Lucas was incredibly impromptu, and I was bleary-eyed when I received a message from Matt at midnight the night before asking to shoot. I was already seeing Paul but luckily a dual shoot was on the table - so in the wintery Melbourne evening, we all met up to start the night with some pho (duh), then went on to explore Chinatown with film and digital alike.

While dodging innocent shoppers and employees in minimarts never gets old, exploring an empty green-and-gold shopping centre after-hours was definitely a highlight. It looked straight out of the 80s - giant green ferns, polished granite tabletops and mirrors upon mirrors littered the space. This late night shoot played with flash in a way that normally makes me run for the hills - but Matt and Lucas took some incredible shots, and were just as fantastic company to boot.