The concept for this shoot was born out of a desire to capture the very unique relationship I have with Paul - we are two individuals who are often either exactly the same, or polar opposites. At the risk of this sounding too much like a stars-in-my-eyes love letter, I wanted to visually explore the ways our personas both overlap and balance each other out. Wilson's trademark desaturated, minimalistic palette was something that complemented this idea immensely, in that - in combination with his brand of subtle yet effective styling - our true characters were able to take centre stage in these stunning images. Included in this photo set are some bonus images of myself in London, where Wilson and I had the good fortune to meet up and check out the Tate Modern's newest building on it's first day of being open - the Switch House. It is thanks to both Wilson's consistent stylistic choices as a photographer, as well as the intriguing similarity of Melbourne and London as cities, that it becomes near indistinguishable which photos are from which shoot.

Enjoy Duality x