On the night of August 27th, there was no better place to be than OTHERWORLD.

Only the most fabulous of Melbourne's creative hoi aristoi made an appearance, enjoying artisanal cake and florals, engaging in conversation about ocean moon magic and Alice In Wonderland, and capturing the evening with our signature customised Snapchat Geofilter all to the house and disco stylings of Oliver Francis, Manic Pixie and Glass Mirrors. Our secret magic garden venue was the perfect cocoon of fantasy for the event.

Guests walked away with curated gift bags featuring the latest and most Instagrammable products on the Australian market, including hair treatment from Neon and Co., exfoliating powder from Pérla Whitening, dry shampoo from Evo Hair, and the iconic blk. water.

So, what do you think?
Should Illicit Empress look at officially rejoining the events game?


Photos by Jackson Grant