Like so many of the shoots I'm incredibly lucky to work on, this one was an adventure in complete and utter babe-town. Playing in the comfiest, most badass sets and big-bad-boots in this local wasteland is something I'd do again any day. Letting out my inner nu-cybergoth never felt so right, so a huge thanks to the dolls who invited me to be apart of this fun project!

And big love to Kim and Bri for letting me play in some Tetrik for the camera again -
Tetrik is definitely one of my fav local labels, and it totally hits the nail on the head when it comes to that cyber neogoth industrial oil slickin' dark pixie vibe (oh hell yeah) so support your locals and shop Tetrik today
For the more colourful bubblegum pixies, you can support your locals too - make sure to check out Goo Life and Creatura, also pictured above.

Photographer: Briannagh Clare Photography
Models: Fox and Sham