All images courtesy of  Simone Wild

All images courtesy of Simone Wild

Why do we take socks so for granted when they have the potential to be such a luxe outfit accent? They’re basically the lychee smoothie of the apparel world (criminally under-appreciated, okay).

Cue Simone Wild, and her small but almighty Germany-based label specialising in sensuously soft velvet socks. You’ll be hurriedly hiding your fishnet collection in shame (and your boyfriend’s cringey Santa Cruz socks) once you lay eyes on these beauties.

Available in muted tones including soft rose, mustard and olive green, you can’t help but feel transported back to childhood days in your grandparent’s 70s-style lounge room. Simone Wild allows you to luxuriate in that special place where demureness and hedonism meet.

Tell us a bit about your background in design and fashion;

Everything started with a tailors’ education. After that I studied as a product developer in fashion and moved to Berlin for different jobs, from design to pattern making.

In 2010 I decided to return to Stuttgart and start working for the contemporary fashion store ave as Buyer and Deputy Store Manager. Due to my job I’m totally into fashion and always on a journey to find out what’s new and necessary for the upcoming season.

Where did the idea for velvet socks originally spring from?

Summer shoes always arrive in winter to the stores, but if I buy something I immediately have to wear it and that’s the reason I love to wear socks with mules, pumps and sandals. Velvet is currently a big topic in fashion; I was searching to find socks made of velvet but I couldn’t find any, so I decided to make a pair for myself. I was wearing them and everyone I met loved them and asked if I could make some for them too - that was the beginning of the project. 

We recently saw your socks on the runways in South Korea; can you tell us about that opportunity and what it was like working with other showcasing designers?

That was a really spontaneous cooperation; Kiok contacted me on Instagram because my tictail shop was sold out. They told me that they would love to combine [the socks] with their collection for fashion week in Seoul and if there was an opportunity to receive them ASAP. I was on holiday at the time and the show was one week later, but I thought it could be a great opportunity and I liked the style of Kiok. So, when I came back I started to sew and produced the whole order in one night to send express to Seoul. The socks arrived just in time on the day of the show. The collaboration was really nice and uncomplicated it was a pleasure that my socks had their first big performance in South Korea. 

What advice would you have for young creatives looking to turn their work into business ventures like your own?

Go for it - but do it within your own possibilities and as you feel good about it. The first 700 pairs of velvet socks I sewed myself and I still made my full time job. Only when it started to run, I decided to make bigger steps.

What's next for you?

Currently I have no idea what the future will give me - but for the moment I have to organize my production and start working with shops all over the globe. This will be a lot of work but also much fun and new inspiration. In any case, my size range must increase because a lot of men are interested and I would love to expand the color palette.