In the realm of local small businesses and young upcoming labels, Tetrik stands out - boxy, structured silhouettes straight out of some darkwave nether-dimension, it's only a matter of time until the Melbourne label overruns the streets of Tokyo, Berlin and beyond.

I was thrilled to be asked back for my third time (!!!) to shoot with Tetrik, and if you ever have the good fortune to cross paths with one of their amazing core team Aidan, Kim or Bri, I promise you'll leave with a smile on your face.

With a background in creating fabric structures you may recognise from your last doof (check out Tetrik Structures), designer Aidan's winter offerings for Tetrik include warm, fleece lined fabrics, new patterns and prints with their signature purple accent, and a perfect, versatile array of layer-ready garments for our unpredictable midyear weather.

Combined with an emphasis on wearable, unisex designs, Tetrik's future-focused vibe is all the more appealing when you realise just how well each item has been crafted with top-quality fabrics and utterly precise construction.

Photographer: Briannagh Clare Photography