Armed with bubblegum-pop colours and a wig for every occasion, makeup artist Bean is serving us bold, colourful characters with an always-smouldering gaze. Her uncanny ability to transform into a new animated persona in each new post keeps her art unpredictable, and her audience unwavering.

If makeup is your side hustle, what’s your main gig?

Working retail! Which is the worst and I hate it, but something's gotta pay the bills.

When and how did you start experimenting with more creative makeup looks?

I've been playing with face paint and FX makeup since I was 14! I can't remember exactly why I started, but I'm sure it had something to do with social media.

Top palette pick?

Sugarpill's Pro Palette (you get to customize and pick the shades yourself)! Sugarpill has such bright, pigmented and fun colours, plus they are cruelty free and most of the eyeshadows are vegan!

All-time fave shade or shade-range to experiment and play with?

Red, always! Red finds it's way into so many of my looks. 

All-time fave lip product?

Nyx Cosmetics Lip Oil. Hydrating, looks like gloss, but isn't sticky at all (and cheap). For lipstick, again, Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams (Monte Carlo is my go-to red)!

If you had to survive on only one makeup brand, which one would it be and why?

Colourpop! They have everything, they're cheap, but the quality is amazing. They also have unconventional shades and products, and those are the brands I usually love the most.

Who’s your major makeup icon and why?

She's not so much a makeup icon but Nadia Lee Cohen gives me SO much inspiration. I also love Frances (@beautyspock on instagram) she is gorgeous and her looks are dreamy as hell.

What’s your signature, go-to look?

I'd say my style is still evolving, but for now my go-to is 50s, pin-up style versions of anything. The hair and aesthetics of that period are very timeless to me!

What’s the most annoying trend in makeup to you?

I'm really about artists doing whatever they like - makeup is meant to be fun! But I have noticed that the artists who get the most recognition are those who Facetune their pores, skin texture, eyeshadow, highlighter, and rip-off smaller artists without crediting. Brands also eat it up for some reason? In 2019, I want unconventional, creative, genuine, absurd, and colourful artists from ALL walks of life to be in the spotlight.

In 2019, I want unconventional, creative, genuine, absurd, and colourful artists from ALL walks of life to be in the spotlight.

What’s your most favourite look you’ve done to date?

Any of my twin looks - but probably the angel/devil, and the house look! My favourite looks are always the ones where I wasn't sure if it would actually turn out how I envisioned it, but when they do turn out, it's that much more satisfying! 

Is there a person or a time that inspires the way you do your makeup? An era, or a muse?

I already touched on this accidentally, but again, the 40s, 50s and 60s! I love the big curls, the scarves, the makeup, and I love that now in 2019 I can use the inspiration I get from these iconic aesthetics towards my own artistry.

How do you feel social platforms like Instagram and YouTube will continue to influence makeup artistry in the future?

I hope that in the future there's a shift from the neutral, natural glam makeup we're always shown to fun, colourful, unconventional makeup. I'm already watching the small unconventional makeup community grow, so hopefully I'm not too far off! There are so many talented, creative artists on these platforms who deserve 100 x more recognition! Makeup is not just makeup anymore, it is art - and we should all recognise that.


What’s your “why” - why do you do what you do with makeup?

I've always loved art and being creative, whether it be drawing, makeup, painting etc., but using my own face and body as a canvas is truly "my thing". It is something that makes me so happy, gives me purpose and keeps me motivated. Pushing boundaries with makeup is important to me, incorporating fabric, newspaper, and fun wigs into my looks is a way to show people that you can use anything to be creative. I hope I can inspire people to bring a little more weirdness and colour into their lives and the world by doing so!

Makeup is not just makeup anymore, it is art - and we should all recognise that.