Like any art medium, makeup is one that can take a variety of forms…

Abstract or traditional, explorative of shape, texture, line and form within the framework of the human face and body. With Instagram and Youtube heralding a new age of beauty communities and gurus, there is an entire realm of makeup artists and their portfolios begging to be gazed upon with the kind of awe-stricken wonder usually reserved for Picassos or Remembrandts. Is it too much of a stretch to compare this new wave of creative youth to some of history’s greatest artists? Or is it remiss to look past what is undoubtedly the future of our artistic landscape, embroidered with references to great moments in history, of not only art but identity and culture?

From left to right, top to bottom;
@morgane.nicolas, @rachelkarinaart, @nadineartistry, @xohighglo, @yakubgodgave, @coolgirlswearmugler