Featured by the likes of Paper Magazine and Vogue, painter and makeup artist Ali aka @sweetmutuals has been making waves as a voice for young black women in the makeup and beauty industry. Art movements become noticeable themes in her looks, from Pop Art to Impressionism and Surrealism, with a particular focus on bringing vibrant colour to the forefront and a consistent penchant for patterns and repeated symbols or icons. In Ali’s case, the face really does become a canvas for art.

If makeup is your side hustle, what’s your main gig?/ If makeup is your main gig, what’s your side hustle?


Makeup is both my main gig and side hustle. I am a senior in high school so it could be my main gig, but to me they are about the same. Hopefully makeup can officially be my main gig!

When and how did you start experimenting with more creative makeup looks?

Officially August 27, 2018 but it was a progression that started around 2013.

Top palette pick?

I would have to say the Mehron Paint Palette! You can make it as subtle or as bold as you want, and since I also work on canvas using acrylic and oil, I feel like I can control it better as it’s paint versus eyeshadow.


All-time fave shade or shade-range to experiment and play with?

I love blue or minty green! Pastel colors also always amaze me.

All-time fave lip product?

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb!

If you had to survive on only one makeup brand, which one would it be and why?

Fenty Beauty! I’m biased, but she’s the first to come out with the most shade ranges in foundation and I stand by that!

Who’s your major makeup icon and why?

I don’t have a major makeup icon but the thing that really inspired me was seeing beautiful black women in magazines with bold lipsticks and eyeshadow, it made me feel proud to be myself.


What’s your signature, go-to look?

My bare face and some lip gloss! 

What’s the most annoying trend in makeup to you?


What’s your most favourite look you’ve done to date?

I’m really proud of my Nike look!

Is there a person or a time that inspires the way you do your makeup? An era, or a muse?

My mom inspires me. She is my reason for being, she gives me so much hope and love! She’s my best friend.

How do you feel social platforms like Instagram and YouTube will continue to influence makeup artistry in the future?

Instagram is how I got all my followers/recognition. I feel like that, and Youtube, brings you to so many influential people which then brings you to some life changing events. 

What’s your “why” - why do you do what you do with makeup?

I want to be a role model to black people. Black women who aren’t like your stereotypical women or are secure about their skin. I want to be a role model to black artists and black creatives. I feel like there will never be enough black artists, so I am here to inspire my black community and say that it’s okay to be you.

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