Shooting with Jesper was so fun, natural and easy - he asked me to style myself for this shoot, and of course, those are always my favourite shoots to begin with. Maybe the timing was serendipitous, but having felt somewhat uninspired by fashion lately, this turned out to be a style story I was super proud of.

Eclectic 90s, Tokyo-inspired rave wear was the narrative, with a nod to Delia’s catalogues and unintentionally a homage to thrift shopping as well (three quarters of the garments worn in this shoot were thrifted).

Homegrown style was the focus here, with the emphasis placed on what it means to interpret and create your own unique identity through fashion rather than consuming a store-prepared look.

I love that this was an important element to Jesper, and that it was why he said he reached out to me!

It is such a huge honour to work with this incredibly talented photographer and be able to showcase to you these works.

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