With a background in painting, LA-based makeup artist Jenapher Moore dabbles in the fantastical, the mythical and the otherworldly. Using strong colour palettes and a seemingly endless array of props and accessories, Jenapher transforms into characters so defined and distinct that it’s hard to believe there isn’t a whole hair, makeup and wardrobe team behind each intricate creation.


If makeup is your main gig, what’s your side hustle?

Makeup is my main gig at the moment. I am currently working at Cosmo Makeup Academy teaching makeup demonstrations on myself as well as models. In my spare time I love drawing and painting portraits, as well as experimenting more with my makeup artistry.

When and how did you start experimenting with more creative makeup looks?

I started experimenting with more creative makeup looks around early 2018 which is when I stopped painting full time. Painting wasn’t really satisfying me at the time, so I took a beauty and advanced makeup course which helped push me to be more creative in other ways.

Top palette pick?


My favorite palette is definitely the Morphe x James Charles Artistry Palette. I used to carry around a whole bag of different palettes with me, but the artistry palette literally has every color I need. I hardly ever wear neutral colors, so having multiple shades of every bright color is super useful in my every day looks.

All-time fave shade or shade-range to experiment and play with?

My favorite colors to play around with are reds and mustard yellows. I feel like a lot of people tend to stay away from brighter colors, but it’s all about experimenting and figuring out which colors work for you. Makeup to me isn’t about making myself look better, it’s about the artistry, and being able to transfer my emotions into a creative look.

All-time fave lip product?

My all time favorite lip products are the Kat Von D Beauty Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. My go-to shade is Vampira, which is a deep burgundy red. I tend to stay away from pink under toned nudes since I feel like they don’t vibe with my fair skin tone.


If you had to survive on only one makeup brand, which one would it be and why?

I’ve recently been obsessed with Milk Makeup since I’m in the process of transferring to only cruelty free/vegan makeup. I like how their brand is very inclusive yet versatile; it’s very natural but at the same time dramatic.

Who’s your major makeup icon and why?

Most of my looks are based off of Pat McGrath. My favorite style of makeup is editorial/avant-garde, and she is the epitome of that. I am constantly looking at runway makeup looks for inspiration and am always mesmerized by the way she is able to interpret colors and shapes.

What’s your signature, go-to look?

My go-to look would be red eyeshadow with huge winged eyeliner, smoked out under eye, straight eyebrows and a dark lipstick.

What’s the most annoying trend in makeup to you?


I’ve never really been annoyed by any makeup trends. I feel as though makeup doesn’t have any rules and I love seeing makeup artists create unconventional looks. A lot of beauty influencers I see on social media look like clones, so I feel it’s better to stand out, whether it be creating ridiculous looks or not.

What’s your most favourite look you’ve done to date?

My favorite look that i’ve done would have to be a recreation of a doll originally done by @xhanthi on Instagram. I experimented with pastel colors and even made my own hat out of newspapers and pages from a book. It definitely challenged me as an artist and creator.

Is there a person or a time that inspires the way you do your makeup? An era, or a muse?


An era that constantly inspires me is the 20s and 30s dramatic smokey eyes and thin expressive eyebrows. I also adore makeup brands from the 70s such as Biba Makeup.

How do you feel social platforms like Instagram and YouTube will continue to influence makeup artistry in the future?

I think social platforms will always continue to influence makeup artistry because we are constantly being influenced by each other’s art. Whenever I’m in a makeup rut, I will go onto my Pinterest app and get inspired by certain colors or shapes. I also love recreating artist’s drawings/paintings and challenging myself in that way to create a three dimensional art piece.

What’s your “why” - why do you do what you do with makeup?

I love using makeup as a creative outlet because I tend to have a lot of emotions that I put into my looks. Whether I’m feeling sad or upset, I always turn to makeup to put myself in a better place. It also makes me feel productive because I just turned my negativity into a beautiful work of art.